Blessing: Hope

Our hope may be bold and ferocious,
sharp teeth and determination.
It may be coiled and small,
barely breathing,
nestled asleep behind our breast.
Our hope may be sharp edged
and hot,
fiery and sustaining.
It may be ragged and thin,
flickering and thirsty.
Our hope may be tender and secret
held close to our souls.
It may be a wild riot of color,
flung wide open to the world.
However we know our hope,
may we allow it to breathe,
to sustain us
and strengthen us,
to cast a light strong or flickering
on to our paths.
May we guard it,
keep it,
tend it,
and share it.
May we feed it and carry it,
trust it and grow it.
May hope live within us
and sing in our bones.

#30DaysofGoddess is available here.

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