Invocation: Cauldron Keeper

If I squint,
I can almost see steam lifting
from a cauldron in the forest
and smell change
drifting through the air.
I am looking at the shards
of the year,
some new-broken,
some re-collected,
some shining with possibility,
and I feel the call,
the urge,
the promise,
to tip them all into that bubbling vat
and see what She will steep me
into next.

Since the shop is closed and I’m on a break and taking a social media break as well, I scheduled a couple of blog posts for the end of the month. I used to frequently share my poems and writings via blog, but moved most of that content to my Patreon community in the last several years (as well as on our Instagram). This is the time of the year is when I feel the call of the cauldron keeper, of cave time, of withdrawal and retreat.

#30DaysofGoddess is available here.

Complete prayer card version of the above invocation.

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