Current Classes

The etsy shop is closed until January 3, but the following classes remain open:

  • A #30DaysofGoddess class is set to begin at the very end of December and will run the entire month of January. This class was a pre-order bonus for people who bought the companion deck in the summer. For non-preorders, we do offer a half price coupon with deck purchase.
  • The Calamoondala class is a quick, free, one-day class that can be completed in one sitting, while simultaneously offering a contemplative pause before the new year.
  • Introduction to Womanrunes remains open (and free) as well.
  • And, our introduction to daily devotional practice, #7DaysofGoddess, also remains free and open perpetually.

I am taking a personal social media break until January as well, but I do still share posts almost every day in our Patreon community. You’re welcome to join in!

Winter Blessings and Happy New Year!

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