Current Projects

May you live your life
as an embodied prayer.
Devotion made flesh.
Hope made blood.
The sacred made bone.
Each step a living prayer.

It has been a long time since I’ve shared a blog post here and I wanted to pop in with an updated edition of where to find me on the internet!

  • Most of my writing and regularly updated content is now located at Patreon. This is where I share ritual theory and “Goddess Works” audios, post my poems, and share seasonal ritual kit pdfs.
  • I am very active on Instagram.
  • Our Creative Spirit Circle is still free and still very active.
  • CSC Journal archive of monthly newsletter and online rituals is available here.
  • We have an Online Temple available for 2020 (free or paid options available–scroll through description for discount codes).
  • The Brigid’s Grove etsy shop is always hopping with new goddess figurines and other offerings.
  • We are also continuing to collect contributions for two goddess-centered anthologies!

    I would be so honored to receive your poems, prayers, essays, and practices for these volumes!

Thanks for being here and for sharing a part of your lives with us!

Much love,

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