Upcoming Program Announcements

Dates for our 2020 Red Tent and Practical Priestessing classes are still to be determined. I know that many of you have asked about these and I apologize for not being able to be more concrete with my scheduling this year. If you would like to make sure to be on a specific mailing list for these programs, please follow these links and you will be the first to receive the announcement when enrollment is finally open.

I’m also excited to announce that a long-term friend of mine, Dr. Annise Neidrich, and I are launching an online circle for midlife women! Tentatively called Wondering and Wise, this circle is born out of our shared interest in supporting other women through peri-menopause and beyond, into their wisdom years. This open-ended community will be an evolving, co-creative, collaborative endeavor and I’m so excited to discover what we will uncover together on this shared journey. To be the first to find out when enrollment for the Circle opens, please click here. Dr. Annise will be primarily focusing on nutritional, health, and physical components of our shared offering and I will be focusing on spiritual and emotional components. We are both so excited about walking alongside you as you wonder and wander into your own wisdom with us!

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