Announcing the Goddess Devotional! (New Book and Free Resource Kit)

May I walk in
ease and wonder
and may I dwell
in devotion
in this day.

I am delighted to announce the publication of our new Goddess Devotional prayerbook. The pdf edition of the book  and a bundle of companion resources is available free here.

This summer, I asked the Creative Spirit Circle on Facebook for thoughts on devotional practices, intending to write a short resource article for the group collating all of the practice suggestions into one brief handout. After I fell and injured my ankle this year and found myself confined to my back deck instead of meandering through the woods composing poems, I turned a lot more personal energy towards the contemplation of devotion and building devotional practices. I ended up turning what was going to be a five page handout into a Goddess Devotional prayerbook. The delightfully pocket-sized 180 page Goddess Devotional print edition is available on both Etsy and Amazon. (Purchasing from us directly via Etsy includes a signed copy as well as a companion printed prayer card.)

However, I wanted to make sure to make the Devotional available to everyone in the Creative Spirit Circle community, so I’ve prepared a digital version for you (the digital version also includes a photo for most of the prayers which are not included in the print book). I’ve also assembled a compilation of other devotional resources. I hope these resources bless your life and encourage you in your own devotional practices. All of these resources may be accessed in the November issue of the Creative Spirit Circle Journal.

 Yule Goddesses

We are also pleased to release our new Yuletide goddesses for the winter season! Our special holiday pigments will be available in the shop until December 10th, or while supplies last. We also have extremely limited Winter Ritual Kits and Winter Grid Kits available. This is the only time of year in which we offer the option of holiday ornaments with your goddesses and gods–you’ll see this choice in the drop down on the Winter Magic and Solstice Magic pigments for sculpts that have their hands lifted. The ornament style has a ring through their hands and a ribbon for hanging on your tree.

May you let devotion
work its magic
and weave its wonder
through your days.

Soft and silent November blessings to you all!


Molly, Mark, + Family

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