Lammas Magic + Cauldron Month Resources

As we reach the celebration of First Fruits, Lammas, on August 1, it is a beautiful time to reflect on the abundance in your life, the bounty around you, and that which you are harvesting or savoring.

We are grateful for the community of people at Brigid’s Grove. Thank you for being a part of this Circle!

In honor of Lammas, we have two gifts for you:

Lammas Magic Goddesses are also available in the etsy shop. Our next themed surprise ritual kit and grid kit will be available in September in time for Mabon and we optimistically hope to have a bunch of one-of-a-kind (OOAK) goddesses in both Story and She Listens style listed in the shop during August.

It is also time for our annual Cauldron Month and we have a free resource kit of Cauldron Month resources for you:

The Cauldron in Womanrunes is a rune of alchemy and change, but also of containment and contemplation—a marrying of what might seem like opposites, but that which really co-exist. During this upcoming month, take it all to the Cauldron…what are you cooking? What flavors do you want to add? What do you want to create? What needs time and focus to bubble and brew? Can you allow yourself to steep in your own flavors? The Cauldron asks us what we’re cooking, but it also offers boundaries, containment, a safe space in which to stew up our truest magic!

I have honored a Cauldron Month for myself for the last three years and it is always a very powerful time. Each year, I crave the opportunity to do it again. August as a Cauldron Month means a time in which I “take it all to the cauldron” and let it bubble and brew and stew and percolate. This means that while our shop will be open for most of the month and orders will be processed like usual, I am pulling my energy further inward to let myself listen and be and to see what wants to emerge. I will not be writing many new blog posts (unless I’m struck with an irresistible wave of inspiration!), or making any ritual recordings, or generating much public written content.

What does this mean for our customers?

  • A complete shop vacation with no orders processed August 22-28. Reduced shop inventory and no custom goddess orders throughout August.
  • No weekly ritual posts in the Creative Spirit Circle Facebook group.
  • Class enrollments, free class availability, and newsletter sign ups remain open as usual (though my responses to class posts or inquiries will be delayed).
  • Responses to emails, Facebook messages, etsy conversations, and classroom posts, will be delayed.
  • Our newly simplified Patreon will remain open, there will be fewer posts there than usual (no weekly ritual posts), but I will still be maintaining it with new poems and reflections.
  • The August free gift for members will be a tiny cauldron charm (once orders resume!). Mention “cauldron” in your order comments and we’ll pop it in. No order too small!

May you be inspired by some time in cauldron, may you be inspired by time with yourself, may you be inspired by that which surrounds you, connected to Goddess, connected to the earth, connected to the animals, plants, the wisdom of the wind, the song of branches, and the symphony of river, stone, leaf, and breath.

Take it to the Cauldron and listen to the deep within.

Blessings to you all,

Molly, Mark, + Family

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