Shop Updates

A couple more shop updates this week!

We added two more wooden ornaments to the shop this week with the words “Happy Yule 2017” laser engraved into one side of the wood. We’d originally “voted” against doing this, but then we remembered that it is fun for you to have an annual ornament. We often buy an ornament-of-the-year ourselves. Now, we have one for you! 🙂 There is a Sacred Flame ornament and a Triple Moon ornament.

We realized we have never used our custom blend Gaia green pigment for a “traditional” Story Goddess or for a Meditation Gaia (duh! Why did that escape our minds for her?!), so we now have a non-leafy Gaia Story Goddess.

And, a Meditation Gaia in Gaia Green too.

I’m thinking of them as our Thanksgiving additions to the shop. 🙂 A similar Story God with bronze belt is also planned.

We also added Matcha, a green tea goddess, who has been in the works for a long time. She is a little greener than she looks in the sunlight of the photo.

And a revised Oshun.

Our Nyx who was previously a special request only has now been added to the shop too.

Mid next week the limited edition Yule Kits, Winter Goddess Grid Kits, and several goddesses (and the Horned God) in our new “Magic” color (clear with opal flakes) will be available. You are going to love them all! 🙂


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