Free Class: 2018 Calamoondala How-To

If you’re looking for new way of visioning your year, the Calamoondala is for you! This guided, step-by-step mini course takes you through the simple, rewarding process of creating your own unique, powerful Calamoondala for 2018. Only simple supplies are needed, but the wisdom will last all year.

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A Calamoondala is a circular, patterned calendar tracking the full and new moons over the course of a year using a mandala-type design. It also november-2015-131includes an annual oracle and can incorporate intention-setting for the year. I often encourage people to think in circles rather than in lines and with a Calamoondala we clearly see the year as a cycle, a circle, another turn around the sun, rather than as a series of linear boxes as a graph, implying a distinct beginning and ending.

Listen to your body as she is tugged to dance in the light of the moon.

In this class you will:

  • Learn how to draw your own unique Calamoondala
  • Incorporate an annual oracle reading into your Calamoondala using Womanrunes
  • Receive printable templates to use with others
  • Share tips on creating Calamoondalas with a group of friends
  • Create an Intention Candle (and receive a printables packet to share with your women’s circle!)

If you have purchased the Womanrunes book and card set or have taken one of Molly’s online courses, this course is a free gift for you! If you don’t have the Womanrunes book yet, you can get your copy here.

The included templates can also be used as crystal grids!

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