Weekly Ritual: Hearthfire


Restore us to memory
As the new ones begin to stir
We continue to kindle the hearth
To preserve the flame
For we are forged from stardust 
The light of the heavens
We are filled by ancient cultures
Who lifted their eyes beyond
We are the constellations
The Cosmic Sea. 

—Karin A. Larsen (We’Moon datebook 2017)

Holding space for you to take a moment to just breathe, pause, and feel into where and how you are right now in this moment. ❤️

I hadn’t intended to make a recording for this week, but then I did make one! It contains some thoughts about nourishing and sustaining the fire of community and tending the fire in healthy ways that sustain community, rather than burning out. It is embedded above and also available here. I also thought you might enjoy listening to two songs that we sang for the first time together during the Red Tent that I reference in the recording from just this month. The first is Savage Daughter and the second, Step into the Flow

Our Womanrunes card for the week is The Hearth. How are you tending to hearth and home lately? Are you feeling bound or constrained by your home-based commitments? Is there something in your hearthspace that needs more of your attention and nurturance? How can you better tend to your home and those who depend on you? Or, where might you need to lighten up and let go? 

May you be nourished by the warmth of hearth and of community. ❤️

Many blessings to you all. 

And, now, the rattle passes to you…

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