Upcoming Classes and New Directions

Lots of changes and offerings coming up this month and into the new year! This existing Creative Spirit Circle classroom is now closed and our 2018 major Creative Spirit Circle offering will be a year-long class called Everyday Magic (based on the content created for the CSC this year, but 23270331_1991754064370139_5561684111816431374_ostarting over in a fresh, year-long format). The core class will be free, but there is also a supporting membership subscription offer for $7 a month that will help support the class as open and accessible for everyone AND a “sponsoring” member option for a one-time payment of $97 that includes a goody package and exclusive Story Goddess in the mail. 🙂

We are offering our popular annual free Calamoondala class beginning November 15. And, a new class called Winter Magic that starts the following week and will take the place of our usual weekly updates in this classroom through the end of the year. Like the Everyday Magic class, there is a free option and a paid option ($27) that includes mailed surprises!

And, we have a new year-long Womanrunes Wheel of the Year class!

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