Yuletide Ornaments and Shop Updates

Ornament season is here! 

(I know some of you need a holiday breather, but in order for us to stay caught up, it begins for us now!)

We make our special clear goddesses only once a year and only through November. ❄️

october-2017-088All of our holiday special editions may be found here.

We also have Tarot card ornaments in addition to other wooden ornaments.

Note: Yule ritual kit packages and opal sparkle goddesses will be ready later in the month (end of November/Dec. 1). 

We also have a very limited quantity of custom made Goddess of Willendorf sterling silver rings in sizes 7-9. Very excited to have these again! We will not have any more until at least March and maybe not even then.

And, we introduced a little series of themed Story Maidens.

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