Boundaries and Blessings

“I often carry a medicine bag or pouch 
wherever I go.
But I am seeing now,
I AM a bag of medicine.”

—Mahada Thomas (We’Moon)

Our ritual recording for this week is available here. In the recording I reference a past blog post I wrote about the dualism of how people may perceive you and that post is available here.

The theme of the ritual is blessing and boundaries and in audio I not only share about our rune of the week, but also some quotes and resources about boundaries, self-care, stretching oneself, and discernment between pushing forward in a powerful way or a depleting way.

Our card for the week from Womanrunes was The Wand, rune of blessing. This is a rune of calling in AND sending forth. What are you calling in? What are you sending forth? How are you blessing others? In its lesser-explored aspect, The Wand is also a rune of boundary-marking and boundary establishing. In The Twelve Wild Swans by Starhawk and Valentine, they write of boundaries as both your own edge as well as the sensory system that identifies the edges of others. How are your boundaries? Are you able to hold your own “perimeter” while still being permeable and flexible when needed?

“To gather true power, fortitude is necessary. A midwife stays through the duration of a birth. She can’t simply yawn halfway through and say, ‘I’m tired. I’m going to take care of myself and go home.’ Taking care of ourselves has become something of a New Age watchword. Many of us have indeed learned that unless we take care of ourselves, we have nothing to offer anyone else, and that too much focus on fixing other people may be a way of maintaining their disease and avoiding looking at our own problems. But to learn magic, to gather power, is also to sometimes push ourselves, to test our limits, to go beyond our zone of comfort and ease.”

—Starhawk and Valentine (The Twelve Wild Swans)

May you be aware of what you are calling in and sending forth, may you be mindful of tending to your authentic self and to the health and beauty of your body, may you exercise wise discernment, healthy boundaries, and may you embrace the exhilaration of being here on this earth right now.

And now, the rattle passes to you…

Feel free to come join the circle! It is free and fabulous. 🙂

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  1. This truly spoke to me and gave me much to ponder last night as I read this. I fell asleep thinking about the questions posed in this piece. Today I woke drew a daily womanrune and “The Wand” came up! So this evening, I journal and ask myself those questions again. I will work with this rune for awhile, giving thought to and answering the questions.

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