Things We Do In the Red Tent: Questions for Connection

She holds the vision.
She holds the space.
She holds an ancient wisdom.
Encoded in her cells, written on her bones…july-2016-040
The mantle settles around her shoulders.
Sinking into belly, bones, and blood,
until she knows,
without a doubt,
that this is who,
she really is…

At Red Tent a few months ago, I chose these quotes to use as we passed the rattle in our sacred circle:

“There is a wild tiger in every woman’s heart. It’s hot and holy breath quietly, relentlessly feeding her.”

– Chameli Ardagh

“Nothing will change as long as women say nothing.”

–Cynthia Blynn

I then asked the women to pass the rattle and share: What is your tiger? And, what do you need to change? What do you need to be heard about in order for change to happen?

I often use quotes like this for the theme of the rattle passing part of our circle. Sometimes the questions are too abstract and I always specify that when the individual woman has the rattle she gets to choose what she talks about, she doesn’t have to answer my planned question. However, I’ve learned that it works really well to have a question like this to “shape” the discussion-time and it opens an opportunity for women to turn over a question in relationship to themselves that they may never have thought of before. It also offers the opportunity for the other women in the circle to “see” one another in a new way, because the questions can push us into territory that we might not have gone into otherwise and they can deepen our understanding of one another and the many complexities, and similarities, in our lives.

Do you have a favorite quote or question that you can see using in this way? Feel free to share–it will help us all develop our “question libraries” for circles and ceremonies to come!

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  1. I have a bunch of quotes about magic for next month’s red tent, and I was going to ask “what is magic?” But I think I will rephrase based on your advice. Something like – How do you create magic? How does magic play out in your life? What needs a little magic in your life? smiley face

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