New Lammas Products & Mid-Year Review

Listen. july-2017-064
My heart overflows with abundance
and gratitude.
I know the magic
of golden kernel
plump berry
rich ground.
The symphony of wheat and corn
And what it feels like to dance sunlight into wine.

We have some new Lammas (First Fruits) Story Goddesses and Gods to introduce this week.

The last Summer Altar Kits are on sale now too!

We had only been planning to do four seasons (+ Samhain) in terms of the themed goddesses, so that’s why the release on these is a little “late.” I love how they turned out though and I appreciate the encouragement to make a full Wheel of the Year complement instead of just the four seasons.

We’ll also be having a free Lammas ritual for the Creative Spirit Circle. It will come out as a recording in the Creative Spirit Circle Journal at the end of this week and be posted in the Facebook Circle and free companion classroom on Monday.

Other New Products:

Please note that these lighthearted new goddesses are not meant to diminish the seriousness of our spiritual practices in any way or to make a joke of the goddess, rather they are meant to connect you to yourself, your interests, and the gifts you have to offer and share to others.

We also are pleased to introduce a powerful new Sri Yantra mandala to our our new series of Goddess Grids.

I also wanted to share a mid-year review resource. I enjoy Susannah Conway’s “Unraveling Your Year” workbook at the end of the year each year. She has a mid-year check in workbook too (free) and I thought some of you might also enjoy it! I completed it last weekend and found it illuminating in several ways.

I am a bit stunned we are midway through July already. A year can both seem like a long time and a very short time (I’m feeling like it has been super short this year, though remembering that in January we were at the beach, seems like a long time ago and remembering that Story Goddesses themselves only came into being in March of last year is always a surprise!)

May your heart be rich with gratitude!


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