Story Women

In the Creative Spirit Circle ritual recording for this week, I shared a story of getting into the car with my friend and having her ask me, “how are you?” My first response was something to the effect of, “fine, let’s go!” and then she said, “no. How are you really?” And, I burst into tears. This month at Red Tent, I asked the women who came the same question…how are you really? and we passed the rattle and responded, no advice needed, just witnessing.june-2017-399

I ask the same of you this week: how are really? You might want to just answer this question for yourself, of another friend, or within our Circle.

At Red Tent, which was very small this month, we sang. The Story Woman song embedded above was one of those songs and it brings the whole feel of the Circle back to me. The connection. The feelings. The voices, experiences. The really.

“Human connections are deeply nurtured in the field of shared story.”

Jean Houston

We need to hear each other’s stories. We need to hear each other into speech. We need to witness and be witnessed. We need to be heard. When we hear the experiences of other women, of other people, sometimes it lights something in us and we are able to go forward in a way in which we would not have done without that story…

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