Simple and Sacred

“The sacred is not in heaven or far away. It is all around us, and small human rituals can connect us to its presence.”

–Alma Luz Villanueva

What sacred moments have you had recently? Small, human rituals?

Moments for me this week:

kayak ride at the river in the early morning after camping with my family…

19092733_1926380597574153_3257563881299314831_opicking berries with our littlest boy…

18951510_10213334667071177_3741859175876910673_ncreating wildberry ink to work on my final painting in my class with Back to heART Creations

19106067_10213371782519040_787072352979381773_nI wanted to remind you that we created a new card layout for you this week and it is available to you here: the Whole Moon. I found it very rewarding to do for myself!

19055776_1925271517685061_3285169819905069134_oAlso, a reminder that we have a free Worldwide Summer Solstice Circle coming up next week! Access information is available here.june-2017-089

And, we have some new Goddesses to introduce!

Wishing you simplicity and sacredness!




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