Powerful and Free

I am powerful 
I am magical
I am healthy
I am free…

You may wish to place one hand on your heart, one hand on your belly and hum gently to center yourself in this time and in space. Call yourself in, feeling yourself present in your body, on this earth, breathing in and out, in and out. june-2017-100

The audio recording for this ritual is available here.

In the recording, I share a spontaneous little song (above) about power and freedom as well as ask two questions:

How are you really?  (more about this here)


Do you feel free?

From Shekhinah Mountainwater’s book Ariadne’s Thread, a poem about love and freedom:

The Choice

Life came to me while I lay dreaming 19092733_1926380597574153_3257563881299314831_o
And in each hand She bore a gift for me
One held Love, the other Freedom
“Which do you choose?” said She

Yes, I’m the one that chose the gift of Freedom
When Love was offered in Life’s other hand
What right have I to cry I’m lonely

When I can walk unbound through man’s wasteland?
“You’ve chosen well,” She said, and bent to kiss me
“For now I can return to you again

“And when I come, two gifts I’ll bring you “
But then the Two will be in one hand …”

Do you feel free? How does it feel to consider that question?

From Womanrunes, we received The Dancing Woman. This made me smile, because I’d already created my little song about power before I received her, the rune of power. She asks: How are you standing in your power? Dancing in your power? Singing in your power? Do you feel powerful?

From the Goddess Guidance Oracle Deck, we received Damara, who reminds us to think with the heart of a child. She asks us what we need for harmony in our households and families and offers the opportunity to reach out to children with tenderness, respect, and heart, maintaining your own spirit of enthusiasm and discovery at the same time.

Stretch your arms wide, open them to the sky,june-2017-066
swoop them down and touch the earth.
Feel it there within you.

You are powerful.

Draw it up,
draw it down,
draw it in.

Rest in the sensation
that who you are is

powerfully enough.

Affirmation for the week: I am powerfully enough. 

And now, dear circle members, the rattle passes to you…

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