Free Worldwide Summer Solstice Circle!

Come to the Sacred Fire,
and dance and drum for your Heart,
as the day to day intrudes upon your desire,
let the Fire shield you,

from the intensities of the world,
and remember your Tribe,
who loves you as you are,18518363_1913228552222691_5273068231038962572_o
for then the Harmony that you found within,

will continue throughout the days.

–Alice Dilts

We will welcome the summer with a free Worldwide Summer Solstice Circle on June 19th. Your June issue of the Creative Spirit Circle Journal is available here. It contains:

  • a guided Hestia Home Blessing meditation
  • a handout of summer correspondences provided by Circle member Alice Dilts

I’ve also decided to re-open our free Goddess Studies and Ritual class since we’ve had a lot of new members recently who might like to take it.

And, we’ve introduced a new Pele Story Goddess into the shop (she was one of those goddesses that could not been denied when she was ready!) along with the re-introduction of our “mermaid” pocket altar.



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