Like one full moon…

“We may be full of anger, june-2017-403
We may be full of joy,
We may be full of secrets,
We may feel fresh as fruit,
We may feel a sense of new life,
We may feel peaceful,
We may all feel different from one another,
But we are all here together
Like one full moon.”

–10 year old girl (in Wild Girls) june-2017-416

Tonight we meet for our Red Tent Circle and I will use the poem above to begin our Circle. How are you today going into the full moon? What do you bring to the circle?

I also created a new card layout inspired by the Whole Moon rune from Womanrunes. Feel free to enjoy it now, or during another moon phase, as your intuition guides you!

There is also a Simple Full Moon Ritual outline available here.

And, Summer Solstice resources here.

The Volcano Woman audio and ritual from the end of the month is here!18768203_1919171834961696_4885109981226642479_o

We are home after attending a beautiful retreat and the shop is back open and at full inventory as well as with some delightful new additions:



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