Milk Bath Recipe & Ritual

A fun self-nurturing activity with applications for many occasions is a sacred bath. This can be used as a group with footbaths, instead of full baths and it can also be used for a postpartum sealing ceremony. A simple ritual is for each participant to bring something to add to the bath mix. As they add their contribution, have them choose one word to represent the contribution and sing it in Call Down a Blessing to bless the full mixture.

This will empower your bath with all kinds of juicy, beautiful blessings from your circle and bring the “mojo” and magic you create together back into your home and life!

Call down a blessing  

Call down a blessingMollyblessingway 372
Call down a blessing
Call down
__________before you
__________behind you
__________within you
and around you.

This song is based on Cathy Parton and Dave Para’s song, but is sung collaboratively with each person “plugging in” a blessing to sing together.

Here is a recording of my own circle singing during our tea ceremony. The clinking sounds you can hear are us stirring our tea blend in a big bowl the Red Tent. Here is another version that was recording during a salt bowl ceremony during a mother blessing ceremony.

Here is one possibility for an individual sacred bath for you:

  • 1 cup milk any kind (I like to use coconut milk, but you can even use powdered milk)
  • 1/4 cup honey
  • Optional:
    • 5 drops essential oil
    • Rose petals! (or other flower petals or dried herbs)
    • To make a Milk & Oatmeal Bath also add ½ cup of powdered oats or oat flour

april-2015-118To explore more of the sacred work of ceremony and ritual, I invite you to join the upcoming Practical Priestessing course or our spring Goddess Magic Circle. And, you are always welcome in the free Creative Spirit Circle!



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