Welcoming the Spring: A Ceremony Outline

I offer what I offer fire
I give what I give
I share what I share
I am who I am…

When planning a ritual involving children, I always have to remind myself to keep it short and simple! This simple ritual of spring welcome is perfect for family or a small group of friends. It can also be adapted to enjoy alone. This ritual is designed to be done at night around a campfire and to be followed by a drum circle, but can easily be adapted to day time (perhaps with a fresh flower mandala to gather around instead of a fire). It can take place any time between March 21 and mid-May and still feel seasonally appropriate.

Spring Family Ritual

•   Optional: Before the ritual itself, make manifestation/intention/commitment bracelets together setting one creative goal to accomplish by July. March 2016 024We used Job’s Tears seeds, puka shells, and watermelon quartz strung on elastic cord. If you don’t have the supplies to make bracelets, ask each person to think of or write down one creative goal to accomplish by July.

•    Practice song, Gathered Here*, together until participants feel comfortable.

•    Go outside to fire circle

•    Group hum—this is our community’s usual means of casting a circle. We stand together in a circle and place our hands on each other’s backs. Then, we hum in unison at least three times to pull our personal vibrations and rhythms into a sense of physical and literal harmony. If you are alone, put one hand on your belly and one hand on your heart, close your eyes, and hum to yourself until you feel centered in your body.

•    Call and response reading (modified from one in The Pagan Family by Ceisiwr Serith). Children respond well to calling the lines back, rather than just listening to someone talk.

We are here to awaken with the spring (group repeats)b2ap3_thumbnail_11043209_1600409706837912_5690695544076436482_n.jpg
Here in front of us, the fire leaps up
Reaching from us up to the sky
Up to sun, up to the moon
The sky looking down
Looking down to where our fire is burning
Fire of the Sun
Burn in our midst (group repeats)
Fire of our Spirit
Burn in our midst (group repeats)
Fire of the Spring
Burn in our midst (group repeats)
Warm us and the world
As the season turns to spring
We awaken with the Earth! (said loudly and energetically together!)

•    Group sharing of creative goals

•    Sing Gathered Here*

Gathered here17039260_1875105116035035_2456239066854702314_o
in the mystery of the hour
gathered here
in one strong body
gathered here
in the struggle and the power
spring time is here
spring time is here.

I suggest singing the song multiple times through, because the group tends to increase in enthusiasm, confidence, and skill with repetition!

*I have adapted this song from one in the UU Hymnal, Singing the Living Tradition. A recording of the original is here, but I recommend speeding the tempo up significantly for energy/enthusiasm/mood purposes. We also end with raised notes on the final two lines, rather than dropping an octave as the original seems to do. A tutorial version that includes a circle dance is here. We have been dancing to this recently in our Red Tent. Another good song choice which can be substituted is: We are Circling  from Nina Lee’s Deep Drink CD. Listen online to Nina here or to our local group here.

You may also like to use your free Dream Blossoms mandala kit as part of a personal ritual!march-2017-306For more ceremonies, ritual, and practical priestessing, see our upcoming Practical Priestessing course and our ongoing Goddess Magic Circle. And, you are always welcome in the free Creative Spirit Circle!






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