New in Our Bones

“…Every branch has budded before, has flown march-2017-071
into leaf and then blanched
into fall. But I’m new in my bones

 when I choose, I’m blood-young again,
I rise fresh as washed granite
from foam, I love whom and when
I choose. Here I stand, pomegranate

 in hand, ripe as a bud but old, old
as rock, unshakeable now, a power
essentially female and free…”

–Patricia Monaghan, Seasons of the Witch

In the Creative Spirit Circle this weekend, I offered an opportunity to hold some space for people to drop in and just feel for a moment…feeling your own heartbeat, your breath moving in and out.

How are you “new in your bones”? What do you feel rising, ripening in you? Feel free to take a moment to share a photo, thought, moment, or march-2017-096experience from your day or your week below.

Over the weekend, we did our family spring equinox ritual using the ritual guide shared earlier as our simple guide and then we had a potluck feast with my parents and siblings. I enjoyed reading this inspiring post from a CSC member about why it is important to celebrate the wheel of the year with children. I identify with what she says about celebrating the real holiday that matters to your family and not just treating it like a “substitute Easter.” It was with this in mind that we did our own full spring ritual over the weekend with a fun egg hunt for our kids, instead of splitting it into two as we often do (family spring ritual on the equinox and egg hunt and dinner on Easter).

I also wanted to share a quick thought on “balance” which often emerges as a prominent theme in resources, posts, and rituals at this time of year…

Light and shadow. In balance.

Balance, for me, is like tree pose in yoga. Finding your center, rather than being perfectly equal. Sometimes the weight of your life is positioned more heavily on one “leg” or the other, but you can find your center and stand strong anyway.

May you find your center.

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