Transformation and Determination

“Invite the inner woman to speak in her language of poetry, bones, clouds, dreams, red shoes, fairy dust, ravens, and fissures of the heartland. She who dwells in the wild within will help to navigate the cliffs and valleys. She will show you the passage through – give you eyes to see in the dark. And then, when you are able, she will give you wings to fly out from that both nurturing and devastating abyss into divine light.”
–Shiloh Sophia McCloud
What is your inner woman sharing with you? What language is whispering through your bones and waiting to fly?

As I called the circle for the free Creative Spirit Circle mini ritual this week, I sang Ancient Mother, still feeling the energy from our cave exploration this past weekend.

Our card for the week from Womanrunes, was The Flying Woman, rune of transformation. This is one of my most personally meaningful cards and I was surprised to note that apparently we haven’t had it as our group card before today!

What is transforming for you? What is being reborn from within you? What is changing for you? How does it feel? What do you need in order to february-2017-253take a flying leap?

You may also wish to explore the Flying Woman card layout which is available here.
I recently received the new deck, Botanical Inspirations, to review and so I chose a card from it as our second card for the week. We received Morning Glory, which in the secret language of flowers is “affection and determination.” When life becomes difficult, morning glory continues to find a way to climb. Nothing is an obstacle for morning glory, she climbs and twines and finds her way. How are you reaching for the sun? What obstacle are you working with? Where can your determination take you?
Affirmation for the week: I listen to the wild within. I transform obstacles into opportunities.
From The Goddess Companion book for February 19, I enjoyed this Welsh bardic incantation. You may wish to read it aloud:
“I am the womb
of every hope
I am the fire
of every season
I am the queen
of every hive
I am the tomb
of every life
I am a drop
of morning dew
I am a star
in the evening sky
I am the light
by which you read
I am a word
in this very book.”
Patricia Monaghan, the author of the book, goes on to say: “How do you find the goddess? By looking where you are. She is not in France or Japan or Ireland any more than she is with you at this instant…There is not a single part of life that she does not touch; there is not a single place on this earth where she cannot be touched…”
May you listen to your inner language, may you touch the goddess in your daily life, and may you fly with powerful determination and courage.


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