Calling the Circle

Calling the Circle
It has always been scary
to step into the circle of firelight,february-2017-129
to show up in the company of strangers,
to ask for entrance or to offer it.

Our hearts race
Will we have the courage to see each other?
Will we have the courage to see the world?
The risks we take in the twenty first century
Are based on risks human beings took
Thousands of years ago.
We are not different from our ancestors,
They are still here, coded inside us.
They are, I believe,
Cheering us on.

—Christina Baldwin in her book Calling the Circle
(h/t to Syren for sharing this on her page)

I just love this quote which speaks evocatively of so much that goes into circle work and priestessing. With time, it gets less scary, but it does take real courage to step forward. And, feeling the tinge of fear and yet watching yourself do it anyway, is a powerful life lesson.

How are you feeling about your Circle work or other work lately? Where do you need a courage boost?

I want to share a quick note about our two upcoming “big classes”:

  • Red Tent Initiation begins March 21. This is both a personal journey and a professional training in facilitating powerful women’s circles. Payment plans available until the end of February. Discount of $25 (only on the single payment plan) using code “womanspirit.”
  • Practical Priestessing also begins March 21. This course feels like a distillation of my soul’s work. It focuses on vocational priestessing–the work of a priestess in the community and the world, it is also a personal, experiential journey of awakening and empowerment. Payment plans available until the end of February. Discount of $25 (only on the single payment plan) using code “womanspirit.” (Read a recent review here.)

I actually find it quite difficult to self-promote these classes, even though I’ve poured my heart and soul into them both. Perhaps they feel too tender and personal or like I’m “tooting my horn,” unlike our goddess sculptures which speak for themselves with their own energy and presence. However, I’m humbled that women from each class have told me that it is hands down, “the best class I’ve ever taken anywhere.” I’m excited to share the journey with the next group of women. I am leaving the payment plan options for both classes open for a few more days since I’ve had feedback that the payment plan makes the class accessible for more people. I also have one 50% scholarship to offer for each program, so if you would like to apply for the scholarship, please email me.

“The revolution must have dancing; women know this. The music will light our hearts with fire,
The stories will bathe our dreams in honey and fill our bellies with stars…

 –Nina Simons in We’Moon 2012

february-2017-346I have found being a priestess is not static. My priestessing has changed, and continues to transform over time. I am a priestess once by her call. I am a priestess once for experience. I am a priestess once by recognition…No one need be alone…I have cut a path through uncharted territory. I hope that now, when others hear her call, there will be a path to follow.”

–Jade River, Three Times a Priestess in Stepping Into Ourselves by Goddess Ink




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