Program Review: Practical Priestessing

“I have found being a priestess is not static. My priestessing has changed, and continues to transform over time. I am a priestess once by her call. I am a priestess once for experience. I am a priestess once by recognition…No one need be alone…I have cut a path through uncharted territory. I hope that now, when others hear her call, there will be a path to follow.”

–Jade River, Three Times a Priestess in Stepping Into Ourselves by Goddess Ink

I was so honored to receive this beautiful review of our Practical Priestessing program from Hannah Donkersloot, of Natural Mystic. Hannah was a wholehearted participant in the fall session of Practical Priestessing and I share her words now as I prepare for the upcoming session of this powerful priestess initiation program beginning in March.

Here are Hannah’s words:

I’m writing this on behalf of Molly Remer’s Practical Priestessing, an online course diving into the vocational roles of a modern-day Priestess. Gathering in circle, learning to lead ritual, creating ceremony, journeying deep within, questioning, self-facing, writing vows, naming and claiming, november-2017-001and all that that entails, in honor of the Divine Feminine, Goddess, needed now, here on Earth.

As with anything in life, you get out of it what you put into to it. This course is what you make of it. I took it with the hopes of learning solid foundations in group leadership, creating and maintaining circle for growth and unity, and to learn the ropes of ritual and ceremony. I got all of that and more. During this unique journey, I was guided towards the discovery of the crucial importance of the Divine Feminine, Goddess, the very real roles of a Priestess, and their effects on the health of society today.

For seven weeks we spiraled through the Goddess archetypes of Maiden, Mother, and Crone, visiting the past, honoring our ancestors, healing our shadows, blessing ourselves, promising anew. Throughout this experience I flowed on waves of inspiration, healing, and renewal, reviving my “creative spirit” within. I reached the other side with pivotal lessons learned and charged enthusiasm, not only learning what I set out to do, but also having a body of art work to show for it. My creative juices began to flow and bear fruit!

Some of the hidden gifts that emerged from taking this course include new friendships with like-minded women, ecstatic embodied experience, discovery of the real power inherent within ritual and ceremony, and an inner conviction to my own unique authenticity and inherent authority. I would highly recommend this course to any and all women with and interest in deepening their connection to spirit and learning the practical magic of Priestess work so needed today.

This was a powerful time in my life filled with many blessings, a blossoming of my potential and innate wisdom, thanks to Molly Remer’s Practical Priestessing Course and the heart and soul she has put into this work. Thank you.


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