Free Course: Voices from the Red Tent

Join me for a reflective, empowering, thought-provoking journey into the Red Tent. A safe, encompassing, nourishing container for the “things we don’t talk about*,” Voices from the Red Tent will inspire you and your women’s circle or Red Tent to discuss, explore, engage, and reflect with the many complex issues and feelings of our times. Drawing on diverse sources, this course uses quotes from writers in the fields of spirituality, feminism, self-care, and empowerment to explore many issues of womanhood, power, ritual, rites of passage, body image, and more. In February, use discount code “listen” to register for free!

This course can be approached in four ways (or a combination!):voices-from-the-red-tent

  1. As a personal, reflective process–taking a daily time-out with yourself to journal about the questions posed throughout the course.
  2. As a community journey, by discussing and engaging within the course with other women from all over the world.
  3. As a resource to draw upon for work, discussion, and community building within your own Red Tent or women’s circle. Each day provides rich food for thought and ideal resources for “passing the rattle” and sharing meaningful topics within the sacred container of the Red Tent.
  4. As a “sacred pause” in your day. No need to DO anything. Just receive the quote as it comes. No need to do more.

Voices from the Red Tent includes:

  • Daily inspirational quotes and food for thought
  • Song and poem recordings
  • Optional journal and photo prompts
  • Questions for use in your own women’s circle
  • Essays on circles, red tent, communication, and more
  • Several special gifts distributed during the course
  • $25 discount on our Red Tent Initiation course or Practical Priestessing course
  • Creative Spirit Circle membership + monthly email Journal subscription

Normally $15, the course is free using code “listen” at registration.

*”things we don’t talk about” phrasing inspired by Isadora Leidenfrost’s Red Tent documentary by the same name.

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