Water. Work. Healing.

“Welcome sacred ones
We have been waiting for you
We are so glad to see you…”

(Our Red Tent singing this is here)february-2017-399

Our card for the Creative Spirit Circle this week from Womanrunes, was once again The Sun, rune of healing. As I’ve mentioned before, I have been receiving this card a lot lately personally and it is also one of my runes of the year. This rune is also a rune of play and rejuvenation. In what ways might you need healing and rejuvenation? Where do you wish to play?  Where might you be able to create space in your life for healing to flow?

The Tool was also a “jumper” from the deck not once but twice, so I finally listened and decided to include it! Healing takes work, takes time. What are you working on? Where are you throwing your back into? What is causing sweat to drip from your brow…

 “When we neglect what matters most to us, that then becomes the matter with us.”

–Paula Reeves in A Weekend to Change Your Life

Our card from the Goddess Oracle deck was Sulis, goddess of bodies of water. How might spending time by creek, river, lake, stream, or ocean help you recharge your soul? How might you use water during ritual for cleansing and healing? (Such as a sacred bath!)

When we got home from our trip, I immediately launched into “to do” and “catch up” modes and I felt really unhappy. We talked about why I felt so much less encumbered at the beach even though we were still working there and it really was in many ways about being able to let go of or set aside the never-ending list there. So, this week, I’ve been taking time each day to set it all aside and each day Mark and I have gone for a walk by february-2017-339the the creek and river on my parents’ land. We make discoveries. We laugh together and just enjoy being IN the world.

On Sunday, just as we were about to leave, I found a perfect little spiral shell, which felt like a needed affirmation for me.

Affirmation for the week: Listen to the water. Do the work. Heal.  ❤

I also wanted to share a quick note about our two upcoming “big classes”:

  • Red Tent Initiation begins March 21. This is both a personal journey and a professional training in facilitating powerful women’s circles. Payment plans available until February 20. Discount of $25 using code “womanspirit.”
  • Practical Priestessing also begins March 21. This course feels like a distillation of my soul’s work. It focuses on vocational priestessing–the *work* of a priestess in the community and the world, it is also a personal, experiential journey of awakening and empowerment. Payment plans available until February 20. Discount of $25 using code “womanspirit.”

Also, I have a new post up on Feminism and Religion this week: Making Our Stand. And, the shop has returned to nearly full inventory. We are still working on some new mini ritual kits and our mini goddess inventory is seriously low, but all of the Story Goddesses are back and we have two brand new ones thisclose to finished. 🙂

And now, dear sisters and brothers, the rattle passes to you…

Do you have a favorite healing modality? Where are you healing? Are you listening to the water? Doing your work?

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