“Imagine that at every moment we each embraced the world as the gift it is: an apple is a gift; the color pink is a gift; the blue sky is a gift, the scent of honeysuckle is a gift.”

–Rabbi Marcia Prager

In the November issue of the Creative Spirit Circle Journal, we offer you a free Gratitude Ritual Kit. This Kit can be used at any time, but is particularly thematically appropriate for this time of year. You can access the kit here.

I spent some time with the new Three Cauldrons layout that is included in the kit and my results were so perfect. I DO need freedom, hearth-november-2016-014tending, and making sacred/blessing as the core components of keeping my cauldrons tended. I actually laughed aloud when I saw the Wand show up in my “Contribution” cauldron.

The Three Cauldrons are of Vitality, Connection, and Contribution.

After creating this layout and working with this metaphor, I then discovered a three page article saved on my computer (no author) all about our three Cauldrons. Called the “Cauldrons of Poesy” by the Druids, they are actually described in ancient Celtic texts as the Cauldrons of Warming, Motion, and Knowledge.  Connected to three chakras each, we each have these three cauldron energy centers within us and they are also connected to the Land, Sea, and Sky of Celtic traditions.

How are you tending the Cauldrons of your life?

What gifts are you acknowledging in gratitude? What are you grateful for?

Gratitude for the real october-2016-163
The holy
The potently ordinary
The powerfully mundane
Gratitude for sacred space to which we may return
Again and again
As inexhaustible and powerful
As the sweep of wind through branches
The river’s song
And the silent watchfulness of stone…



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