Luxury & Gratitude…

“Every breath is a sacrament, an
affirmation of our connection with
all other living things, a renewal
of our link with our ancestors
and a contribution to generations
Yet to come.”

–David Suzuki

I feel grateful this week for our Creative Spirit Circle Facebook group and the supportive community we build together.   In case you missed it in your email, our November newsletter with a free Gratitude Ritual Kit came out this week. Enjoy!

“I can no more be bound november-2017-001
Than the hawk in flight
And I am the fires
That burn in the night…”

When I called the circle for this week’s mini ritual, I sang, “Freedom” by Spiral Rhythm.

Our Womanrunes card for was The Broom, rune of purification. This is a practical rune that often shows up in a practical way (for me, it is in my “fall cleaning” mood, in which I’m rearranging, getting rid of, putting away, changing, many of my personal belongings at home). This is a rune of new beginnings, of cleaning out, sweeping away, and wiping off the dust, whether literally as I have been doing, or the dusty corners of your mind where tired old thought patterns replay. What needs to be released, cleansed, purified, or freed in your own life? Where is your energy stuck or “dusty”? Where do you need to sweep?

Our card from the Goddess Inspiration Oracle deck was Erzulie, the goddess of luxury. I had a bit of trouble connecting with this card and almost drew a new one from a different deck, but then I considered again what we might have to learn from a goddess of luxury. Does she feel like “too much”? Is luxury something that you must earn? What in your own life feels luxurious? What small or large luxuries do you allow yourself? Why does “luxury” feel like something that must be “allowed”? She says: “use luxury to soften your heart.” She delights in silken robes, fragrant flowers, and rich jewelry!

Affirmation for the week: I sweep out the dust and make room for luxury!

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