New! Story Gods

Listen. november-2016-026
I offer the seeds of life.
I am the breath of courage
The untamed wind
The radiance of the sun.
The river’s swift torrent…

This handmade Story God is meant to be a custom, devotional art creation that represents your own connection to the Divine Masculine. While I am almost exclusively goddess-oriented in my personal practices, spirituality, and work, this year I’ve noted an increasing interest from our customers in representations of positive masculinity. It felt like a huge stretch for me, personally and spiritually, to create our original Green Man design. Then, from him we created a Horned God as well. Both were very november-2016-020popular and led to our offering of a Winter Couple with our Green Man design cast in white to go with our Winter Gaia. However, we wanted to create a new male sculpture that was compatible with the Story Goddess collection–our new sculpt is proportional to them and can wear all their belts (as well as those of his own!). He can be customized to represent your own path. Since Mark and I co-create the whole of Brigid’s Grove together and we have three sons of our own, it also feels like an important step to broaden our scope to include some Sacred Masculine in our work as well! Still…he was again a stretch that took me many hours to complete!

This Story God is meant to be a companion figure, to travel with you, to share your experiences and stories, to grace your altars, and to bless your space–your desk, your greenhouse, your office, your pocket, with his power and essence. He is about four inches tall and very sturdy–he can get wet or be dropped without being damaged.

The Story Gods are blessed in our land in Missouri and carry the energy of co-creation, cooperation, love, creativity, inspiration, sacred wisdom, and divine connection. He is also available in a translucent ornament edition!

You know your story.
Written on your bones
Carried in your body
Dancing through your fingertips
Pulsing in your blood
Only you
Can tell about it.

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