Word of the Year Story Goddesses

My new Word of the Year usually finds me in August of the year before. I don’t remember when I first began choosing a word of the year, but I’ve 15073510_10211599775300632_7164471199739671519_ndone it every year for at least seven years or so. Mark and I usually choose one together for Brigid’s Grove. Our first year is was Create. The second it was Grow. The third it was Collaborate. And, now it is THRIVE. I always like to wear a piece of jewelry that connects to my word of the year and serves as a daily mindfulness touchstone. Usually, I put a charm with the word on it on a bracelet. This year, I asked in our Creative Spirit Circle Facebook group if there was anyone there who does handstamping and there was! We teamed up with Sherry of Dragonfly Inspirations and we now have Word of the Year Story Goddesses, customized in your choice of color, stone, charm, and your word of the year on hand-stamped washer or metal disc. We have created quite a few of these beautiful, collaborative pieces so far and it is so neat to see them come together. We will offer these goddesses through December, but then are traveling in the month of January and will not have them available again until February. So, if your Word has already found you, your goddess might be ready to find you too!

A new universe is born.
Your sacred word
calls for you
to dance.
And it is so.

Sherry also created some pendants for the shop using some of our mini goddesses and her enhancements. They went fast though and we only have this Shakti Rising left! (she was one of my personal favorites though!)


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