Of Moonboats and Moonwheels…

“I am a bit of moonlight.
 I am a piece of the web.
 I am a part of the world soul…”

–Lunea Weatherstone, Tending Brigid’s Flame

This week I have been experimenting with a new Moonwheel/Moondala template for this month in preparation for an upcoming Moondala mini calamoondala2016class we’re developing for December. As I began my new Moondala, my Womanrunes card draw was the Moonboat, rune of journeys, which can be about inner, personal journeys or outer journeys. As I’ve mentioned several times recently, I’m feeling that November call to retreat, pull inward, and journey inward to myself…what I want and need in order to thrive in 2017…

The Moonboat asks us to consider where we wish to journey—metaphorically, literally, spiritually. Do we want a communal journey, a personal journey? Do we wish to strike out across the country, overseas, or into our own hearts?

How do you wish to energize your spirit? Where do you wish to travel? What journey are you taking?

I’m also working on the November issue of the Creative Spirit Circle Journal. While a short product announcement newsletter already went out this month, the full Journal will come out next week and will include a Gratitude Ritual packet and a card layout (make sure you’re signed up here!).


  • In case you missed it, Calamoondala class access is here.
  • And, the new Moonwheel class is here.
  • Past resource post about using Moonwheels.

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