We are Women, We are One

“We are daughters of our mothers
We are mothers of our daughters
We are sisters, we are lovers
We are friends and good grandmothers

We are women like a river
Flowing on and on forever…”

(Shekhinah Mountainwater)

This week when I called the circle for our online mini ritual with the Creative Spirit Circle (free!), I sang, “We are Women, We are One.” This song is not commercially available anywhere that I am aware of and the way we sing it in our own circle was created by us during circle (with some laughing as we got it figured out!). Our Womanrunes card for the week was The Reflection, rune of surrender. This is a rune of sacrifice, releasing, and letting go. It reminds us that sometimes we have to get battered against the shore to become something new, something finely textured and soft. It 15039635_1818762091669338_4901288478015916309_oreminds us that surrender isn’t permanent…it can be about wise discernment, knowing when to hold and when to fold, and when to walk away.

What wants to be released? What wants to be freed? What is waiting for you to unclench your fists, your life, and float?

Our card from the Goddess Oracle deck was Isolt, the goddess of undying love. Isolt suggests that your inner wisdom may feel quieted by pain right now, but that healing will occur from the inside out. “First, your heart must heal from its grief, loneliness, and any feelings of betrayal.” Healing can take time and can feel painful. She says to treat yourself as you would any ailing person, with caution, gentleness, and tenderness. Then, return to the world, not with harshness, but with love, especially with time spent in the healing power of nature. This will revive your sense of spirit and help you walk among the living again. She says: “I promise you that your heart will mend.”

Affirmation for the week: I unclench my life and trust that healing will unfold in time.

I have been struggling with severe headaches over the last week. After I wrote about these cards, my head was aching so bad that I felt sick to my stomach. I laid on my back on the deck in the sunshine with my eyes closed and sang another song: november-2016-009

I release, I let go
I let Spirit guide my life
No more trouble, no more strife
I am only here for love…

(recording of this with our group is here)

“Powerful women sometimes take decades to recognize that they are straight-up sorcerers.” 
~ Amber Tamblyn

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