Rise Up

The women of the world are gathering
Together we’re creating
A world unafraid of feeling
We’re initiating healing

Rise up
Rise up
Rise up
Rise up

Three years ago, I brought the first Red Tent to Rolla, Missouri as part of a powerful annual community event called Mamafest. During that first Red Tent, we screened the Red Tent documentary by Isadora Leidenfrost. At the end of the film, the song Rise Up by Beautiful Chorus played. At the moment, I imagined singing that song with our own circle of women. It took three more years and the singing of many wonderful songs, but this month at our monthly Red Tent Circle we sang our own rendition of Rise Up and it brought tears to my eyes as I looked around at the circle of women, lifting their voices together. I’m so grateful to this circle of women for literally making my dreams come true. I thanked them that night for showing up, not just for me and for each other, but for themselves. It is so important and so undervalued. Just as I planned, we also created a collaborative mandala using various materials from our homes, yards, and nearby rivers. What I can’t plan, because it is real life and not just an idea, was how beautiful the finished mandala would look with all our contributions. It is just like the Red Tent itself. I could be the most amazing Red Tent Priestess of all time and if no other women came to the circle, there would be no circle. It takes all of us to rise up and make the beautiful work together.


The women of the world are gathering…

Our next sections of the Practical Priestessing and Red Tent training programs are coming up at the end of August. The payment plan opportunity for either program ends next week (July 17), so if you have been planning to register with a payment plan, make sure to do it soon. 🙂

Both of these programs are such an honor to facilitate and it is a true joy to watch the women in them blossom into their roles. I love it so much!

We’re initiating healing…

We were so pleased to receive this feedback recently from one of our Red Tent training participants:

Having been a follower of Molly’s work for a number of years I was excited to see that she was offering the Red Tent Initiation Program and it did July 2016 146not disappoint. Molly is real. She knows this work intimately, it is her life purpose, and it shows through the depth of the experience she offers and the sheer breadth of materials she draws upon for this Red Tent Initiation Program.

I have been leading women’s circles for a few years now and wondered how much I would have to learn from this, but I was pleasantly surprised. Throughout the program Molly shares not just idealistic notions of what Red Tents are or should be, but the nuts and bolts real honest magic that happens when real women get together in real spaces and share their real, unabridged stories. The program strikes a wonderful balance between practical tools, like songs and ritual recipes, and soul work, through the meditations and personal ceremonies and open sharing in the Facebook Group. By the end I felt totally prepared, spiritually, emotionally and practically, to start our own Red Tent – and excited and inspired too!

If you are thinking of creating a Red Tent in your community then this program will give you all the tools and knowledge that you need to start a wonderful circle which will benefit all the women who attend, and will ripple on strengthening your community as a whole. It is a true gift and I am really grateful and blessed to have been a part of it. Thank you Molly.

Jessica M Starr
storyweaver. poet. wildwoman.


RISE UP, sisters! We can create so much beautiful work together.

July 2016 173






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