Are you a “goddess woman”? You’re invited to find out!

Don’t just read about the Goddess, LOVE HER, listen to Her, reflect Her as the Earth and Moon reflect the Sun.  Don’t just study Nature, put your hands in the dirt, your feet on the forest trail, turn your face to the wind and breathe Nature in and out of your lungs.  Feel the connection…

–Esra Free

Our upcoming free mini class, Introduction to Thealogy*, takes you on a deep, heart-centered journey to meet the Goddess using body July 2016 045wisdom, practical ritual, everyday ceremony, and your own inner truths. This course introduces you to creating a working thealogical framework: that is, thinking about the Goddess, and articulating ideas about core thealogical concepts. We will explore:

  • theapoetics—finding the goddess through poetry
  • everyday magic and ceremonial exploration
  • ritual theory and practice
  • earth-centered practices
  • body-based practices
  • feminist spirituality principles and foundations
  • defining and experiencing the Goddess/goddesses as “deity, archetype, and ideal,” immanent and transcendent conceptions of the Goddess are included as well as literal and metaphorical experiences of Her

If you think you might be a “goddess woman” in any way, come join the circle! June 2016 049

In this class, you will receive:

  • Quotes and inspiration
  • A complete ritual outline
  • Handout packet
  • Journaling questions
  • Goddess sculpture special offer
  • Special offer on the summer section of the Practical Priestessing and Red Tent programs

*Thealogy = Goddess Studies. This year I completed my doctorate of ministry degree in thealogy and I’m so excited to share some of my experiences, research, observations, and practices with you! I’ve been a practicing priestess for almost ten years and love working with circles of women, in person and online.
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