Story Goddess: Hecate

I am the gatekeeper
You ask for directions
And I offer the keys
For you to take your own path.

When I was journeying through the underworld of postpartum when my first baby was born 12 years ago, I was doing yoga one morning when I June 2016 032suddenly “heard” the word Hecate floating through my mind/the room. It was one of my first mystical experiences as an adult and I immediately went to my computer to look up whether or not Hecate was a “real” goddess, because I couldn’t remember hearing of her before. I had only recently begun to explore goddess spirituality at this time and it was a tentative and vulnerable place for me.

Now, nearly thirteen years after that experience, Hecate is one of our most popular Story Goddess sculptures. Many women connect deeply with her Crone wisdom, experience, and assertive presence. Despite my distinctive auditory experience with her so long ago, I have never personally pursued a relationship with Hecate, perhaps because she is kind of a “scary” or intimidating goddess!

Our Hecate Story Goddess represents this Greek Crone goddess of crossroads, transitions, and wisdom. She is cast in resin and colored with black mica pigment. Her silver-tone belt carries an amethyst stone bead. Amethyst is said to be a meditative and calming stone which helps to promote calm, balance, patience, and peace. It is also said to enhance intuition. Representing Hecate’s role as gatekeeper, guardian, and guide, the silver-tone keyring contains three tiny keys.




I very much enjoyed taking Joanna Powell Colbert’s 30 Days of Hecate online class last year and recommend it highly!

We also create a Hecate pocket altar and a Hecate Threshold Goddess.

And, finally, this is my favorite Hecate song:




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