The Woman’s Wheel of Life: Threshold Goddess

She embraces transition. April 2016 138
She dances with change.
She keeps time with the heartbeat of the Earth.
She walks in liminal spaces.
She courts Mystery.
She dips into deepness.
She swims in the infinite.
She is the guardian, the edgewalker, the keeper of the threshold.

Each of the goddesses in our new Threshold Goddess collection is carefully designed to represent the stages, phases, and powerful intention of the complete Women’s Wheel of Life. This Wheel of Life, as expanded by Elizabeth Davis, goes beyond the traditional Maiden, Mother, Crone depiction and includes 13 archetypes:

DaughterApril 2016 024
Blood Sister
Dark Mother

(In my own concept of this wheel I flip the order of Matriarch and Priestess and add the Queen as well.)

The center of the wheel is the Transformer. As Davis explains: “the Transformer in the center—lets us move back and forth, leaping ahead intuitively to a stage beyond our years or revisiting another for pleasure or consolidation.” This means we need not be in a specific age category or social construct in order to connect with one or many of these thirteen phases in the wheel.

Here, with this Threshold Goddess, you choose the color of your own that best makes the connection for you to the phase you are supporting, embodying, or calling forth.

March 2016 023The use of the word Threshold is intentionally multilayered as these goddesses may be hung on the wall as, thus literally being able to serve as threshold guardians or guides, while also representing threshold moments in your life, transitions, adjustments, changes, adaptations, that you wish to honor, recognize, celebrate, or invite.

This goddess is compatible with any of the add-on accessories from our Story Goddess collection. She is also beautiful on her own or can be embellished with accessories of your own design. While she has a spot on the back to allow her to be hung on the well, at about five inches tall she is also sized to fit nicely in your hand and can be a Talking Goddess to use during women’s circles and rituals (rather than a “talking stick”).

Each handmade Threshold Goddess is blessed in our land in Missouri and carries the energy of love, creativity, inspiration, sacred wisdom, and divine connection.

April 2016 021

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