Story Goddess: Inanna

Listen. March 2016 130 - Copy
I tell of descent into dark places
I speak of suffering
And The Return
On my sacred path
I become clothed with courage
And cloaked in triumph
The seat of wounding
Into my most powerful medicine.

Carrying the energy of Inanna, the ancient Sumerian goddess and great Queen of Heaven, this handmade Story Goddess will remind you of your own ability to dig deep and to return with strength. She is associated with love, fertility, and sacred priestessing. Her silver-tone belt carries a carnelian gemstone bead, which is associated with motivation, action, confidence, and power, and a silver-plated labyrinth charm, which represents pilgrimage, sacred journeys, and divine connection. Labyrinths are also associated with Ariadne and are a symbol of sacred journeys, pilgrimage, and devotion in many cultures.

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