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I am a story woman…

We each have a story. Tell yours with our unique, signature, simple Story Goddess. This goddess is created for you in the color of your choice and can wear any of the belts in our story goddess collection. She is also beautiful on her own or can be embellished with accessories of your own design.

All of our handmade Story Goddesses are blessed in our land in Missouri and carry the energy of love, creativity, inspiration, sacred wisdom, and divine connection. They are cast in resin and colored with mica pigment.

These goddesses are meant to be companion goddesses, to travel with you, to share your experiences and stories, and to bless your space–your desk, your greenhouse, your office, your pocket, with their power and essence. Each is about four inches tall and very sturdy–she can get wet or be dropped without being damaged.

We are all Story Women!

All items currently available in the Story Goddess collection may be viewed here. We have more ideas than we have time to implement them, so watch for many more Stories to be coming soon. You are also welcome to join our Creative Spirit Circle and share your ideas with us!

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