Simple Full Moon Ceremony for a New Baby

On October 30th, 2014 I gave birth to a new baby boy. He was born at home in water, my fourth homebirth, but my first waterbirth (his birth story is b2ap3_thumbnail_IMG_8557.JPGavailable here and his birth video here). On the full moon of his one week “birthday,” we took him outside for the first time in his whole life–to meet the world, to feel the fresh, cool air, to be introduced to the moon and the Earth as a member of our family. Here is an outline of the very simple ceremony of welcome we held for him. While we did this with just our other children present, it could easily be expanded to include additional guests.

  • Each family member carries a candle outside into the full moon’s light.
  • Circle up, hands on each other’s backs, and hum in unison three times to cast the circle (this is our tradition in our local circle–the hum quite literally unifies and harmonizes our energy and centers us in time and space together. Very simple and effective).
  • Placing our hands on the new baby:

Welcome to the spinning world, baby boy!
(family repeats)

Welcome to the green Earth! b2ap3_thumbnail_November-2014-066.JPG
(family repeats)

We’re so glad you’re here!*
(family repeats)

  • Each family member chooses a piece of corn from a chalice and makes a wish aloud for the baby, tossing the corn into the moonlight.

    (Our kids love tossing corn so we use this during many full moon rituals.)

  • Hold the baby out under the moonlight. (Our baby stared right at the moon with solemn, wide eyes.)
  • Join hands and say closing prayer:

May Goddess bless and keep us,
may wisdom dwell within us,
may we create peace.**

*Adapted from the children’s book On the Day You Were Born by Debra Frasier

**Closing prayer adapted from unknown source.


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