Poem: Welcoming October

October is here
with her cooling breezes
and breaths of pause,
her yellowing leaves
and orange moon,
her whispers and her wandering,
her migrating dreams
and her changing stories.
She invites us to stop and listen.
She invites us to open our hands
and our hearts
and to release our burdens,
our sorrows
and our shames.
She invites us to step
into a season of enchantment,
a time when magic
is close to the skin,
when ancestors speak and hearts listen.
She invites us to steep
in our own wondering.
She invites us to deepen and renew,
to remember and to soften.
She invites us
to settle into mystery,
into not knowing,
and home.

Happy October! Welcome to this month of Mystery and Enchantment. How are you walking with mystery this month? What is enchanting you?

Note: new cauldron goddesses will be in the shop on October 6th!

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