The Magic of Daily Practice (celebrating 1000 days of #30DaysofGoddess)

I am in devotion to my own life,
to showing up for at all,
my heart and hands open
to the glittering and golden,
to the gloomy and the grim.
I return again and again.
I notice again and again.
I am here at the center of my own life,
bearing witness
to all it holds.
I trust myself
to be here.

1000 days ago I began a devotional practice that changed my life and that has truly grown into a living, devotional system—#30DaysofGoddess is a practice, an offering, a movement, a thealogy, a process, a community. I had no idea 1000 days ago how much this would come to hold!

At the same time, it is important to remember that the path of devotion does not happen 1000 days at a time, it is a promise to living, to the sacred and to yourself that unfolds in a spiral, one day, one pause, one step, one breath at a time. We are invited to come home, again and again, to cross the threshold into our own hearts, so happy to find ourselves back home once again.

Below is a brief flip-through video of my 7 Day prayerbook as we celebrated 1000 Days of Goddess!

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  • Practice homepage with monthly updates, newsletter, and live online circle: #30DaysofGoddess
  • Book: 365 Days of Goddess

As I shared during our celebration Live on Facebook, this was my first ever poem for this practice. I love seeing how true it has remained even though 1000 days have passed since I wrote it:

May I connect with purpose.
May I create with joy.
May I communicate with grace.
May I collect my pieces
and reconnect my soul.
May I drop down into
the center of it all and
May I connect.
May I listen.
May I grow.
May I connect
even in the swirl and hum,
the ebb
and the flow,
the push and the pull,
the pause and the go.
May I connect,
even in the wild whirling
of it all.

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