Take Up Space! Upcoming free event!

I’m pleased to be a guest on the upcoming free Take Up Space summit with Irene Chong, of Alignment Journeys!

Here is some more information about this amazing resource!

So many women find themselves trapped by the structures and patterns of societal conditioning.

It’s easy to get lost in the rules and programming of the 3D world. Since we were young, these voices tell us to conform and keep the peace.

But WHY is it that after we’ve checked all the boxes do we wake up feeling empty, overwhelmed, and disconnected with life?

After many years of struggling to live a joyful and authentic life, Irene Chong realised that reclaiming her feminine power was the key.

Instead of pushing, she learnt to magnetise.

Rather than hustling, she began to align her energetics for more ease and flow.

By accessing her innate feminine intelligence, she radically transformed her life! And that’s why she decided to create a totally free, 5-day online summit:

The Take Up Space! Summit
Unlocking the Wisdom & Secrets of Feminine Energetics
FREE from July 3 – 7, 2023
Click here to join now!

Irene has carefully curated a beautiful gathering of inspiring women leaders (including me!) to help you harness the power of your feminine intelligence for optimal joy, well-being, and the actualisation of your fullest potential.

During these 5 days, you will:

  • Learn how to let go of outdated programming, and take on new, empowered beliefs
  • Experience practices to build your intuitive capacity and trust your inner knowing
  • Lean into nourishing rituals and creative practices you can use to create more ease and flow
  • Receive loving clarity and guidance to illuminate your way
  • Tap into your innate rhythms and ease into your Natural Flow

I am especially excited about this because I’ll speaking about the power of daily practice and keeping our promises to ourselves.

Each interview is designed to offer wisdom teachings and a direct experience, so you will emerge from this summit with clarity, know how you can embody the power of your soul essence, and move forward with ease & grace to create your desired reality. You’ll feel resourced and supported to live freely into the YOU that you were born to be.

Inside of you there is pure potential to create all that you desire—without the anxiety, stress and overwhelm that your nervous system is so used to enduring.

It’s time to reclaim your power.

It’s time to radiate your authentic, beautiful truth.

We’ll be starting on July 3, and I can’t wait for you to join me!

As well as sharing their wisdom, each speaker is offering a thoughtful free gift for you, as her thank you for being a part of this global gathering. This will empower you to continue to integrate and embody all that you’ve experienced and learnt throughout the course of this event.

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to transform your life and future!

Head over here to learn more and sign up, for FREE.

P.S. Check out just A FEW of the amazing topics that will be covered over these 5 days. You definitely don’t want to miss this!

Developing Calm Energy for a Strong and Resilient Nervous System with Lynn Fraser

Breaking Free from the Unworthiness Program and Awakening Your Natural Creativity with Emily Trinkaus

The Feminine Power of Your Sexual Soul with Daven Lee

Activate Your Goddess Brain®: A NeuroSomatic Flow Practice to Awaken Your Feminine Fire with Dr Jinju Dasalla

Unlock The Power of Your Story, Imagination and Intuition to Transform Your Life and Our World with Devorah Spilman

The Creatrix in You – How to Birth your Full Essence through Tantric Wisdom with Jonita D’souza

Self-empowerment with Reiki – You are your Own Healer with Elaine Yang

Awaken the Power of your Shamanic Female Body! with Kathy Forest

You definitely don’t want to miss this!

Online Global Conference from July 3rd to July 7th, 2023.

Click here to register now.

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  1. I didn’t have time to watch all of the interviews, but the ones I did catch (including yours!) were really fascinating. Irene Chong asks a lot of good questions and has great insights herself. Thanks for letting us know about this – I certainly enjoyed the interviews I had time to watch.

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