A Summer Solstice Blessing

We are here.
We have arrived
into a time of summer exuberance.
We honor and celebrate
what is thriving,
what is abundant and flourishing.
We honor and release
that which has withered,
we breathe it out and let it go.
We pause in the brightness and buzzing
to remember our promises,
the bold dreams and broad visions
that began to incubate at Imbolc,
that we have tended and carried
so carefully through darkness
and into the sun.
We feel heat soak into our skin
and strength seep into our feet.
We exhale with gratitude
into our own wholeness,
our own muchness
and fullness
in such
joyous bloom.

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  1. That is lovely and thank you very much. I am having my two grown daughters and my little 7 year old grand girl for a luncheon to celebrate SS today and I will read this aloud to them. Your gift shall keep on giving. Blessings tenfold to you.

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