Podcast Interview: The Path of the Practical Priestess

Very much enjoyed chatting this month with the wonderful Rebecca Anuwen on her Pinch of Magick podcast. The episode is now ready for your listening enjoyment here:

This is what Rebecca says about the episode:

On the latest episode of the A Pinch of Magick podcast we’re journeying through the mystical realms of Priestessing with Molly Remer of @brigidsgrove.

Molly has not only been an integral guide in my personal journey but is also a beacon for anyone wanting to weave a bit more magick into the everyday.

On this spirited ride, we delve into the essence of being a Priestess – not just as an archetype but what it means to be a vocational Priestess. We hear about Molly’s bold decision to step into the role of Priestess, leaving behind the safety of the familiar.

We traverse through the sacred body, honouring the transitions of life, and take a peek into the day-to-day of a ‘Practical Priestess.’ Learn how to find the magick in everyday life and weave it into your daily practices. Molly unveils the secret doorways into magick, fondly known as devotional ‘mud rooms’, and the power of not stashing your magick away for a perfect time or a special occasion.

We tackle the notion that making time for your spirit is an indulgence – quite the contrary, it’s a life-sustaining and world-renewing act. Pilgrimages don’t always require a trek across continents; you can start one in your own backyard. And guess what? Connecting with your spirituality isn’t a once-in-a-lifetime event; it’s a daily practice, a soul-reviving ritual.

You’ll hear about the importance of honouring promises to yourself, creating life-changing transformations, and reconnecting with your soul without feeling the need to run away from family.

Hear how Molly reconnected to her magick, even when circumstances stripped away her ‘normal’ refuelling practices. She even introduces us to the creation of ‘365 days of Goddess,’ a practice that extended from the planned 30-days to beyond 850 days and still going!

We journey into the inception of her popular story goddesses and learn why fuelling ourselves first is paramount. We talk about finding joy as resistance in a culture of despair and living our magick using what we already have at our disposal.

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