Claiming Your Magic! (free online retreat)

The secret to finding your magic
is to remember
that it can never be lost.
Lay your hand against your heart,
it beats there.
Stretch out your fingers,
it tingles.
Set your feet against the earth,
it waits.
Cradle your face in your own two hands,
it whispers.
Settle your spirit into your body,
it knows.

This week I finished filming the content for our upcoming free online retreat: Claiming Your Magic! In this powerful online retreat we will explore claiming our magic, practicing the presence of the goddess, and the power of devotional practice.

Each day offers a brand new video—20 to 30 minutes, a journaling prompt and theme, and beautiful printable cards and practices that you can dip into as you have time. 

What is your magic? You know it when you feel it. Hopefully this retreat will help you to recognize it. To feel it and name it. To see it and claim it. 

Sometimes I can’t believe that the #30DaysofGoddess practice began as just one single graphic of thirty prompt words and a printable booklet. What a difference daily practice makes—we make our own magic every day, step by step, choice by choice, breath by breath, prayer by prayer, moment by moment. Here we are, together. Let’s claim our magic!

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