5 minute ritual: creativity and rest

May we create with enthusiasm, passion, fire, and love. May we rest when we need to. May we create when we want to. May we recognize and honor both as necessities in our lives.

This five minute ritual draws upon the Flame, rune of fire and vitality, from from Womanrunes and the #30DaysofGoddess daily practice deck + cut-your-own expansions.

Questions to consider:

  • How are you tending your flame?
  • How are you nurturing your own inner fire?
  • How are you tempering your own blaze with the healing necessity of rest and renewal?
  • Are you burning out or flickering?
  • Are you pausing to balance for replenishment?
  • Do you need to quell some of the blaze to regenerate?
  • What do you feel burning within you?
  • What flame do you carry?

May you tend to your flame. May you trust in the light of inspiration. May you remember that you carry the fire of the goddess within you. And, may you take time to replenish yourself so you have what you need in order to continue to burn.

The fire of the goddess is alight within us right now, sacred and strong.


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