7 Minute Ritual: Freedom and Healing

What are you healing? What is unfurling for you? Where do you sense freedom on the wind?   May we soften into the expansive and gentle into possibility. 

May we know that we are free.  

This seven minute ritual draws upon the Winged Circle, rune of freedom,  from Womanrunes and the #30DaysofGoddess daily practice deck + cut-your-own expansions. Questions to consider:

  • What dream seed do you sense within, what do you feel preparing to unfurl?
  • What possibility is whispering to you?
  • Do you feel free?
  • What can change?
  • What does freedom look like or feel like to you?
  • What is singing your song?
  • What revolution is keeping time with the color of your wings?
  • Where are you seeking liberation?
  • What kind of freedom do you want to invite in?
  • What do you want to heal?
  • What does healing look like to you?

May this be a week of ease for you. May you feel both connected and free. May you listen, change, and grow. May you settle inward and sense what you need to heal and may you expand into that possibility. May you heal. May you grow. May you trust. May you unfurl your wings and soar. May you be a full color human.  

You are free to be. Free to see. Free to choose. The power of choice is  in your open hands.


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