Poem: Making Space for the Sacred

We all make of our lives what we can,
the bumps and hurdles,
the ragged places and fraying seams,
the faded dreams and heartaches,
the things that feel too big for us
and yet, here we are anyway
and that is all that we have.
May these lives we weave include space
for sunshine on our shoulders
and moonbeams on our brows.
May we pause to bear witness
to the world’s turning,
to our own place within the family of things.
May we recognize
that there is no such thing as finished,
as getting it all done.
And, may we step back sometimes
to see and feel and sing.
May we gather together with one another
even when we are tired
and when there is too much to do.
May we share stories and silences.
May we make a space for the sacred
and for ourselves in our own lives.
May we lay our hands on one another,
feel the breath deep in our bellies
and allow the sound of center
to rise up
filling the space
between us with connection,
and love.

This past week I held a We’Moon celebration party and year-end retreat. It was really wonderful to gather with friends in person again and to share my happiness about having written the Holy Days for We’Moon 2023. We sang and passed the rattle and shared and also worked on intention candles and prayer flags. We sang one of my new songs together and it is embedded below (first time any of them had sung it–it is both vulnerable and powerful to create something new and then to ask others to sing it cold!)

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